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Special Edition Collection? 7 heavenly virtues/ 7 deadly sins. :)

There could be two special edition collections,
Seven heavenly Virtues, and Maybe one of the Seven Deadly sins.

Virtues collection would be softer, Cleaner, and fresher scents,
Seven deadly sins could be the more sensual, spicy, Bolder smells. :)

Seven heavenly virtue Scents:
Chastity- A very light, clean scent.
Temperance- this would essentially mean self control, right? so a scent to help keep you alert, and awake, in control, in a way. :)
Charity- a romantic, sweet scent
Diligence- being persistent, in other words, so maybe a minty scent?
Patience- a calming scent, something peaceful.
Kindness- a Sweet, possibly citrusy scent. Citrus to me seems friendly. :)
Humility- Basically means bravery, so a bold, brave, daring scent. :)

Now the seven deadly sins....
Lust- a spicy, citrus scent, sexy.. in a way. :)
Gluttony- A very sweet scent, maybe like candy or cookie?
(would remind you of gluttony in the sense of over-indulging) ;)
Greed- Not really sure what to do with this one.. maybe a sensual amber/vanilla?
(over easiness of the mind), so a calming, maybe jasmine scent?
Despair- maybe a rainy type scent?
Sloth- something someone would shower with after a lazy day, maybe something calming to end the night?
Wrath- maybe cinnamon?
green soap, maybe a fresh outdoorsy woodsey scent?
Pride- maybe a very girly, sexy scent. (think something the mean girl in high school would smell like) haha.
Vanity- Maybe somthing like ^^?

I just think it would make 2 good special edition collections. :)

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    Hannah A. shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Veronica Portillo commented  · 

        this is definitely a good idea. i think the concept of the 7 deadly sins would be great for soaps. please check out my page and be sure to vote for my idea as well. im trying to help my little brother with his disease of blindness.

      • sam commented  · 

        I think that would be a good idea i would buy it

      • chihuahualover741 commented  · 

        This does need some work, well A LOT of work before it would be ready to be sold, but I think that it or even ANY special edition collection would be cute. :)

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